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We empower undergraduates and young researchers to design psychology experiments. These learning experiences are essential to mastering psychology and neuroscience. We strive to design well-made experiments for students to participate in and modify. Any TELLab experiment can be copied, edited, and tweaked in TELLab editor space. This fast authoring and publishing process brings unlimited possibilities for creative, interesting, and novel experiments, accessible to almost anyone.

If you just heard about us, check out our experiments. If you are an instructor, and looking for support for your course, please drop us a line. If you are a researcher, and looking to gather large scale data for your experiments, please also drop us a line. We are committed to building an organic community for instructors, researchers, and amateurs who love to conduct and design psychology experiments.

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Trophies are given to amazing experiments and their owners. This competition runs each week, come back and check every Monday.

Popular Experiments

Here are the experiments that are popular among participants.

  • Word Color Stroop (JJ)
  • Monday IAT - Sexuality
  • Tuesday 2 - Disability IAT
  • Judge Object Size - UCSD
  • Face Attractiveness

Best Experiments

Here are the experiments that are evaluated to be the best by experts.

  • Word Color Stroop (JJ)
  • Motion After-Effect
  • Judge Object Size - UCSD
  • Face Attractiveness
  • Gender - Science IAT
  • Motion After-Effect (binocular vs monocular)

Top Contributors

Here are experiment designers whose experiments are popular and inpsiring.

  • TELLab Team
  • Justin Junge
  • Tim Brady
  • Jeremy Wilmer
  • Juliana Rhee
  • David Cox


Thanks for your continuous love and support, we strive hard to be better.










We are a group of psychologists, computer scientists and educators at Harvard.
We like psychology, technology, and life.

Ken Nakayama - Edgar Pierce Professor of Psychology, Harvard University -
Na Li - Research Scientist, Harvard University -
Justin Junge - Senior Lecturer of Psychology, Princeton University -
Jeremy Wilmer - Assistant Professor of Psychology, Wellesley College -
Tim Brady - Assistant Professor of Psychology, UC San Diego -
Stephen Flusberg - Assistant Professor of Psychology, SUNY Purchase -
Dawn Vreven - Associate Professor of Psychology, Framingham State University -
Ryan Enos - Associate Professor of Government, Harvard University -
Krzysztof Gajos - Professor of Computer Science, Harvard University -
Sarah Cohan - Project Manager, Harvard University -

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